Small Pet and Plant Expo, Budapest, 2015

I like to go to pet expos, so I was happy when I have noticed that there was one held in Budapest just as I was passing through. The event was held on the 17-18 of October 2015, in the Petőfi Hall in the Budapest City Park.
Fat Cat in a Box.

It was somewhat different from the ones I usually attend, first of all the focus was on small pets, which usually means little furry creatures as well as on various somewhat exotic plants while I tend to attend more reptile and amphibian expos. But there was enough of those too to make it attractive for someone like me.

There were fancy lizards such as bearded dragons leopard geckos.

Fancy Leopard Gecko.

Snakes for sale were different from what I usually see in Toronto, only a few ball pythons were for sale, mostly the relatively cheaper color morphs, while there was a variety of king snakes and corn snakes — some of them are captive bred morphs — for sale.

King Snake.

There were also various unusual plants.

Carrion Flower.

Also, some of the furry pets were not quite so furry as one might expect — I never understood the human obsession with hairless versions of otherwise hairy animals.

Hairless Guinea Pigs.

I can more easily relate to little spiny furballs.
Pet Hedgehogs.

I took no pictures of any of the birds, they just looked miserable in their cages. A lot of them weren’t even the usual songbirds and such, but fancy version of livestock to be kept as pets — I assume the small cages were only for making transportation possible, surely the new owners were expected to keep them in their back yards.

Yellow Lithops.

Speaking of livestock as pets, there were Minnesota miniature pigs that some people apparently keep as companion animals — in lieu of the more usual dog.
Minnesota miniature pig.

There was also also various organizations present at the expo dedicated to the preservation of various animals/breeds such as greyhounds.


The various feeder animals offered for sale — at least I suppose that is what the various crickets, grasshoppers and locusts were — looked different from the usual “brown crickets only” menu I am used to in Canada. Probably the rules are different in Hungary and the European Union what pests can be bred to serve as pet food.

Feeder Locusts.

On the other hand I have not seen any sort of caterpillars offered as pet food.

There were also some unusual pet insects for sale (I have not managed to take pictures, they were too well packaged in boxes) as well as a variety of fresh water lobsters and crayfish.
Pet Lobster.

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