All Your Car Are Belong To Us

People never care about the security or reliability of their computers, cellphones, and other gadgets so long as the user interface is shiny and the controls are designed assuming that users are morons.

Security does not usually enter the mind of the average person until their naked pictures get stolen from the cloud and propagate themselves on the Internet.

But would you trust a car with your life that was built with the same amount of thought put into its security as your cellphone? Apparently these days you don’t even have much of a choice.

Car companies sell cars to unsuspecting customers that can be hacked remotely and a malicious intruder can take control of the car while it is being driven on the highway — definitely a scary thought.

Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Me in It on WIRED.

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Last updated: August 6, 2015

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