Just ice (frozen water).
Just ice (frozen water).

Today’s Science Topic: DHMO

DHMO is a dangerous chemical that is already everywhere in our environment.

The crystalline form shown in the picture above was photographed in a public park where children are playing on a regular basis. Yet nobody has made any effort to remove it from the area in spite of the well-known fact that prolonged exposure to the solid form of DHMO can cause skin damage in humans.

The liquid form is commonly found in human living spaces and it is usually ingested and its vapors are inhaled on a daily basis by the the people living there.

Water in a test tube.

Liquid DHMO in a closed test tube. DHMO vapors sometimes fill the insides of buildings where people breathe them in. DHMO condensation is also a major contributing factor in the breeding and spreading of black mold, a known carcinogen.

In nearly all fatal traffic and industrial accidents the people involved have been found to have consumed DHMO some time in the last 24 hours before the accident which clearly demonstrates just how dangerous DHMO is.

So go ahead and join the cause, check out all the links below, especially the FaceBook ones (just remember the truth is always on FaceBook), and sign any petition to ban DHMO you can find, today.

Or better yet, get an education.

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Last updated: April 1, 2018

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