Bug orchid.

Bug Orchid

The bug orchid Anacamptis coriophora is a somewhat rare orchid that grows in South-Eastern Europe.

Bug orchid.

Bug orchid (Anacamptis coriophora, Hungarian:Poloskaszagú kosbor), Csipak-semlyék, Hungary.

Bug orchid habitats appear as patches on the map in various countries. Bug orchids living in different areas are often considered to belong to separate subspecies. Because of the relative isolation of the different areas where they grow they do have a chance to drift apart, and develop differences in their features. Judging from the long list of scientific names assigned to local variations they seem to keep a lot of botanists gainfully employed.

I took this picture of a bug orchid when I have visited its habitat, a nature reserve near Mórahalom, Hungary. The bug orchids growing there is one of the many reasons why the area was declared a nature reserve.

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