Mórahalom is a small town in south-eastern Hungary close to Szeged. A number of nature reserves are located nearby, including Csipak and Csipak-semlyék.

Erdei Iskola.

The building where we stayed in Csipak.

Recently I have attended my high school reunion in that area and I took pictures of various animals and plants in the nearby nature reserves.

Brick oven.

A brick oven in the front yard of the building where we stayed.

The building is close to the meadows designated as a nature reserve at Csipak-semlyék. It is full of all sorts of interesting wild flowers and home to various animal species from tiny insects to water buffaloes.


Buttercup flower with an insect in it, Csipak-semlyék.

I did like the various insects, there were these big and juicy orthoptera just hopping around, but I was told that I should not try if they tasted good, being on a nature reserve and all.


Some katydid insect, Csipak-semlyék.
I have no idea what species it is.

The puddles of water nearby have reminded me of all the fun I had as a child digging through the flora and fauna of swampy wetlands.

Salty alkaline swamp.

To my great delight there is a lot of swamp-like wetland in the area with salty alkaline water.

There is also a water buffalo reserve nearby, I could not get any good buffalo pictures as the beasts were far away and looked like brown dots at the horizon, but I liked how the wetland looked like.


More swamp at the nearby water buffalo reserve.

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