A picture of a frogspawn coral.

Frowspawn Coral

Frogspawn corals are large-polyped stony corals whose needs are few. They are so named because they resemble actual frog eggs.

I have acquired this specimen sort of “by accident” in a coral cutting workshop during a Marine Aquarium Society of Toronto meeting.

A picture of a frogspawn coral.

Frogspawn coral (Euphyllia divisa).

This frogspawn coral was doing surprisingly well in my reef tank that was set up mostly for soft corals and various anemones at that time. I guess it proves frogspawn corals are hardy, easy to care for corals.

My frogspawn coral coral has died during the December/2013 power blackout.

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Frogspawn Coral

Last updated: July 3, 2014

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