Toronto Queen's Park Street View.


Yes, living in Toronto does give you the illusion that you are living in the Center of the Universe.

Toronto Sign.

But since I live in the Scarborough area, which is treated like an unwanted stepchild by most of the city’s politicians, this feeling is not quite so strong.


Downtown Toronto looks like what one would expect from a really big city. There are huge building that hide even the Sun. On the other hand the place still has some architecture conceived with a bit better taste.



Toronto, Old City Hall

St. James Cathedral


CN Tower.

Steam Whistle Brewing.


Gooderham Building

St Paul's Church Anglican Church on Bloor Street, Toronto.


Legislative Assembly of Ontario Building.

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario Building, Queen’s Park, Toronto.

In any case, I rarely go to the downtown core and my neighborhood in Scarborough looks more suburban.



Scarborough Town Centre Sign

Scarborough, Ontario used to be a separate city, but that was before I have moved here.

Scarborough Town Centre Buildings

Scarborough is now part of Toronto. Some locations mentioned on this site are in the Scarborough area. The Toronto Zoo which is mentioned often throughout this site is also located in the Scarborough area.

The entrance of the Toronto Zoo.

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