June 24, 2014
by DDD
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Do not confuse senility with maturity.

June 2, 2014
by DDD
Comments Off on Theory and Facts

If the theory does not fit the facts either it is not a very good theory or the facts are not really facts.

Beware of any information you have no way to verify.

March 14, 2014
by DDD
Comments Off on Stupid and Smart Boss

A stupid boss is the smartest person in his team and smart boss is the stupidest.

Although some disagree.

December 27, 2013
by DDD
Comments Off on Pennies and Cents

Ever wondered why is it that American and Canadian cents are called pennies but British pence are called pee?

December 10, 2013
by DDD
Comments Off on Psychic Efficiency

Today someone has left some advertisement for the services of a psychic on the wind shield of my car.
Of course I threw it into the trash.
But wouldn’t it be more efficient for a psychic to only leave promotional material on the the cars belonging to people who actually believed in psychics?