Jewel Orchid Flower and Leaf.
Jewel Orchid Flower and Leaf.

Jewel Orchid

The jewel orchid is a terrestrial orchid species from South-east Asia.

Jewel Orchid.

Potted jewel orchid (Ludisia discolor) kept as a house plant.

Jewel orchids are often kept as house plants. Their leaves are very decorative and occasionally they even flower. Jewel orchid flowers come in clusters of very small flowers and they are not quite as impressive as bigger orchid flowers, but they share the same basic anatomy.

Jewel Orchid Flowers.

A close up of the flowers of a jewel orchid.

Yet the jewel orchid plant overall can be stunningly beautiful, the striped velvety green leaves are rather pleasant to look at even when the plant is not in bloom.

Unlike most orchids, the jewel orchid needs to be planted in soil as they are terrestrial plants. The jewel orchid can tolerate, or even prefer, low light conditions, thus it can do well indoors.

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