Ankole-Watusi Cattle.
Ankole-Watusi Cattle.


The Ankole-Watusi longhorn cattle is an African breed of domestic cattle. Ankole-Watusi are magnificent, graceful, social animals.

Ankole-Watusi Cattle.

Ankole-Watusi cattle (Bos taurus africanus), Toronto Zoo.

The Ankole-Watusi breed is well suited to survive in arid African grasslands where food quality is low and access to water is limited. The Ankole-Watusi cattle is probably the most important kind of livestock in many places in Africa, representing both food and wealth in general.
Both Ankole-Watusi bulls and cows have huge horns, the horns internally have a honeycomb structure and one of their many uses is to disperse heat. The horns are also formidable weapons against anyone and anything that tries to attack the heard.

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