Canadian Pet Expo 2015.
Canadian Pet Expo 2015.

Canadian Pet Expo 2015

As usual I like to visit animal shows. So I did go to the Canadian Pet Expo that was held this weekend in the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario.

Unlike some of the shows I attend this expo included all sorts of pets furry, feathery, and scaly ones. It was also a family event and people were allowed to bring their own pets to the show. I did not anticipate just how many people are interested in this sort of thing and when I tried to get in on Friday I was surprised that there were hundreds, if not over a thousand people lined up round and round the parking lot waiting to get in. I have decided to try my luck another day. Easter Sunday was less crowded, but the weather outside was less pleasant — as it is clearly visible in the picture above it was snowing.

Fancy cat.

There were lots of cats and dogs on the show. I believe this well-groomed cat actually won some award.

Inside there were lots of fancy cats and dogs, some are really nice looking animals.

Another show cat.

Of course people were walking around with their dogs, interestingly most of them were really well behaved. I usually have a hard time photographing dogs, they are curious animals and can’t sit still for a picture.


This was someone’s pet dog (pets were allowed in this show). I have photographed it with the permission of the owner. It is a beautiful and very well behaved dog. Since I am completely clueless about dog breeds first I thought it was a pit bull, but I was told that it wasn’t. I did not write down the name of the breed, but from what I recall it must be an Argentinian dogo.

On the furry side there were some other animals, including fancy guinea pigs.

Fancy cavy.

A fancy guinea pig, it was exhibited under a sign that said Ontario Cavy Club.

There were even some feathery animals on the show.


Of course I was somewhat more interested in the more exotic animals, as I walked around I saw this python yawning and managed to actually take a picture before it has stopped.

Ball Python Yawning.

This is a ball python yawning. I was lucky to be able to take this picture, usually when I see something like this the animal stops by the time I get my camera out.

There were plenty of the usual reptiles, spiders, axolotls and even some nice looking frogs on the offered for sale, although not nearly as many as one can find during reptile shows — after all this was more of a fancy cat and dog event.

Baby Pyxie Frog.

This is how a baby pyxie frog looks like, tiny and cute. One might not think that it is one one of the largest frogs in the world with an adult size of around 9 inches.

Animals Photographed at This Expo


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