Straw-colored fruit bats.

Straw-colored Fruit Bat

The straw-colored fruit bat is the second largest bat in Africa.

Straw-colored fruit bat -- head.

The head of the straw-coloured fruit bat looks sort of like a dog’s head.

Even though their English name would suggest that they are straw colored, these bats, while generally yellowish brown, have some variation in color. Because their head and snout resembles a dog’s in some languages fruit bats are called “flying dogs”.

Straw-colored fruit bats.

Straw-colored fruit bats (Eidolon helvum) in the Toronto Zoo.

Fruit-colored fruit bats are eaten by humans and they are hunted for bushmeat.

Straw-colored fruit bats do eat fruit as well as bark, nectar, flowers and leaves — a vegetarian diet. Straw-colored fruit bats are widespread in Africa and their number is large, but in some places habitat destruction and hunting has decimated them so they are considered to be near threatened.

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