African dwarf frogs.

African Dwarf Frogs

African dwarf frogs are several species of aquatic frogs from the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa.

African dwarf frogs.

African dwarf frogs (Hymenochirus sp.) being sold as pets.

Frogs from a different group belonging to the genus Xenopus are sometimes mistakenly identified as an African dwarf frog, especially when they are young. But fully grown African clawed frogs are a lot larger than Hymenochirus frogs. Also the former have no web between the fingers of the front legs while the African dwarf frogs do.

African dwarf frogs are often kept as aquarium pets. In fact I took this picture in a local fish store where these frogs were being sold as pets. Since the exact species name was not identified I cannot be sure, but they are most likely Hymenochirus boettgeri.

African dwarf frogs kept as pets need to be kept in an aquarium because they cannot survive outside the water. The aquarium should have some sort of lid so they cannot accidentally jump out. African dwarf frogs, just like the African clawed frogs, like their water somewhat stagnant and above all quiet. The water should not be excessively deep (more than about 20 inches) because African dwarf frogs still need to be able to swim to the surface for air.

African dwarf frogs need to be fed small live fish food or frog pellets, fish flakes are not sufficient to keep them long term. African dwarf frogs should be kept in groups of at least a few individuals. They can be housed with small non-aggressive fish. African dwarf frogs, like most frogs do not like to be handled, it is harmful to them, and since they can carry diseases such as salmonella it is not advisable to handle handle them for the sake of their human caretaker either. If you keep them, just leave them be in the water.

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