A picture of a pair of wild ducks.

Wild Ducks

The wild ducks also know as mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) is the ancestor of most of our domestic ducks that are used for the production of all the deliciousness mentioned in other posts on this site.

Wild ducks are quite beautiful birds, particularly the male has bright colored feathers.

A picture of a pair of wild ducks.

A pair of wild ducks.

This pair of wild ducks liked to be photographed better, although this male has an unusual coloration for a wild duck:

A picture of a pair of wild ducks.

A pair of wild ducks — the male has an unusual coloration.

These are city dwelling wild ducks and they have been frolicking right in front of me without fear.

In more rural areas they are hunted for their meat, apparently in areas where they can gorge themselves on grains they even produce a sort of wild foie gras:

Ethical Foie Gras: No Force-Feeding Necessary

The article referenced above also suggests that another point I am trying to make on this website — sugars (grains) make you fat — is true for ducks too, not just for humans.

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Last updated: January 13, 2015

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