Millennium Monument, The Holy Crown of Hungary.


Szarvas is a small town in the south-eastern part of Hungary, at the Körös River.

Szarvas Sign in Hungarian Rovás.

The word “Szarvas” written in Hungarian Rovás (a Hungarian runic alphabet) on a road sign.
In case you are wondering there was a more official sign in the normal Latin alphabet, these signs are just novelty items but they are now everywhere in Hungary.

The name ‘Szarvas’ means ‘Deer’ in Hungarian and various deer and stag motifs are used both as official symbols, e.g. in the coat of arms of the city, as well as in local business names and logos.

Stag Statue in Szarvas, Hungary.

The city features a large number of statues and other monuments as well as a number of church buildings.


Old Lutheran Church in Szarvas, Hungary.

Old Lutheran Church.

New Lutheran Church, Szarvas, Hungary.

New Lutheran Church.

Catholic church, Szarvas, Hungary.

Catholic church.

Millennium Monument, The Holy Crown of Hungary.

A close up of monument show on the top of this page. It is a statue version of the crown of the Hungarian kings. It was erected in the year 2000 and it is sometimes referred to as the ‘Millennium Monument’.



The geographical center of the historical Kingdom of Hungary was in Szarvas.

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