Hungarian Parliament building.


Budapest is the the capital and the largest city of Hungary.

Chain Bridge, Budapest.

Budapest is a very old city, the site has been inhabited by humans since ancient times, and there was a city there at least since the Roman Empire.

As a consequence the city features many architectural styles, and it is a catalog of what some of the best architect in European history had to offer.

Budapest Nyugati Railway Terminal.

Budapest Nyugati Railway Terminal. It was built by the Eiffel company.

There are multiple railway terminals. The eastern one, Keleti pályaudvar, is located in a particularly depressing part of the city.

To begin with I am always overcome with an urge to flee in the downtown area of almost any large city because of their inhumane proportions.

Budapest Keleti Railway Terminal.

Budapest Keleti Railway Terminal.

On top of that in many neighborhoods in Budapest a lot of buildings are practically falling apart, many are shedding paint and plaster because they have been neglected for decades. This creates a particularly depressing picture.

Budapest Keleti Railway Terminal up close.

Budapest Keleti Railway Terminal up close. Paint and plaster is missing from large sections of the wall, and the railway building is still in a better shape than some of its neighbors.

After wandering about trying to find some location in the vicinity of the Keleti railway station for about half an hour I have started to feel sorry for the locals who have to live there.

Fortunately there are a lot more cheerful places nearby, if you just keep walking you can actually reach the beautiful City Park and Heroe’s Square area on foot.

Places Inside Budapest



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