Election Day in Ontario 2018

After listening to several months of mudslinging, constant lies, deception and self praise it is finally election day here in Ontario.

While a company may look for a CEO for months, leaving the position open until the right candidate shows up, being a politician has the distinct advantage that you don’t have to be actually good at your job, you just have to be perceived as less objectionable than the other people applying for the same position.

Also once a politician gets hired (elected) it is usually for a fixed term, so no matter how incompetent they are they will not get fired (at least not easily) until their contract runs out.

Apparently running a country or a state/province or a city is a lot less serious affair than almost any other job there is.

So don’t forget to vote, otherwise the wrong lizard might get in.

I really do wish we were given an ostracon every year than a ballot every four…..

But if lemons is all you have you might as well learn to make lemonade.


It seems that voting sometimes does work. We have dodged the bullet and did not become the People’s Republic of Ontario. As a person who grew up in a socialist country I do appreciate that.

As for my comment that I prefer ostracism to elections: The results seem to have accomplished both.

Last updated: June 8, 2018

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