No Sugar

A Rant Against Sugar

WARNING: This is a rant, the language may be stronger than usual on this blog, it has to be taken with a pinch of salt, but not sugar!

Yesterday I have just lost it while shopping for groceries. I was just about to buy some potato salad when I have discovered that one of the first ingredients was sugar.

When I said I rather not have it then, the attendant did not understand what my problem was since “they pretty much sugar into everything”.

I have just replied “because it is disgusting”.

I am used to the idea that in North America I cannot eat any dessert because they all contain enough sugar to kill a full grown bull elephant and they will try to come back the way they went down. But in reality even innocent looking savory dishes are loaded with sugar.

I mean what kind of deranged psychopath looks at the humble potato which is already mostly starch and thinks: Jeez how could we make it more unhealthy and less pleasant to eat at the same time? Well, here is an idea: Put sugar on it.

Seriously, here in Canada, over 10% (may be closer to 20%) of the population suffers from type-II diabetes.

Yet, you walk into a grocery store and you can’t buy anything that is not just raw material that does not have added sugar. Meat products, savory dishes and salads are all soaking in sugar.

The other day I have bought perfectly normal looking meatloaf in a grocery store, which has turned out to be inedible because it was soaking in syrup. I ate it anyway and felt like throwing up any minute for the rest of the afternoon.

The impotent and incompetent government is always whining about the rising cost of healthcare. Yet they fail to do anything about it.

Here is an idea for you: Ban adding sugar where it does not belong!

Make sure that grocery stores and restaurants provide an option for those of us who are not criminally insane and do not want to live on sugar syrup.

Really putting sugar on meat, or potatoes for that matter, should be considered as a crime against humanity.

As a bare minimum anyone who does that should be forever stripped of their a title as “chef”, and should be banned from owning a restaurant or working in one.

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Last updated: October 29, 2017

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