Wild boar piglet.
Wild boar piglet.

Wild Boar

The wild boaris the wild ancestor of most domestic pigs.

Wild Boar.

Wild boar (Sus scrofa), Szarvas Animal Park.

The wild boar is common all over Eurasia. Wild boars are omnivorous and they breed fast so it is important to keep their number in check otherwise they can eat and destroy crops.

The wild boar is hunted by humans as well as by all big predators in its range. In lots of places wild boars can be hunted year round in order to reduce their numbers. Wild boar pork is edible and it is usually consumed by the hunters or sold in stores.

Wild boars have been introduced to North America, although some are not actual wild boars but the descendants of feral domestic pigs.

Wild boars are strong and dangerous animals, that often do injure or even kill humans who do not approach them with respect.

Wild Boar.

Wild boars can and sometimes do interbreed with domestic pigs, in fact this is how some domestic breeds, such as the Hungarian mangalitsa was created.

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