Common Toad.
Common Toad.

Common Toad

The common toad is one of the toad species found all over Europe.

Common Toad.

Juvenile common toad (Bufo bufo), Hubertlak.

Overall common toads are supposed to be more common than green toads, even though the latter species is certainly more common in Hungary where these pictures were taken.

Common toads often live in wooded areas, mountains, and other places not immediately recognizable as wetlands or other ‘normal’ frog habitats.

Common toads seem to be less drawn to civilization and urban areas than green toads are, but they still may show up in gardens or even urban parks.

Common toads do occasionally hybridize with other toads, and species boundaries are uncertain at best.

Common toads are poisonous and like many other toad species they produce bufotoxin.

In spite of its toxicity some people do keep common toads as pets.

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