Chinese gliding frog.

Chinese Gliding Frog

The Chinese gliding frog is a tree frog native to a large portion of South-East Asia.

Chinese gliding frog.

Chinese gliding frog (Rhacophorus dennysi), Toronto Zoo.

Gliding frogs are forest dwelling frogs that live up in the trees, don’t even return to water to spawn, they lay their eggs in a foamy nest instead and the hatching tadpoles just drop into the water from the nest.

Chinese gliding frogs do well in the wild and they are not currently of concern for conservationists, although as most animals these days they are subject to threats from habitat loss and general destruction of its native environmental by human activity.

Chinese gliding frog.

Chinese gliding frogs can be kept as pets and can be bred in captivity, they do best in some planted terrarium. Like most frogs Chinese gliding frogs don’t like to be handled, they are more for watching and less for touching. You definitely should not play with you Chinese gliding frog if you decide to keep one.

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Last updated: June 1, 2015

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