Chubby Frog.

Chubby Frog

The banded bullfrog or Asian painted frog is usually just known as the chubby frog in the pet trade.

Chubby Frog.

Chubby Frog (Kaloula pulchra), being sold at the Toronto Reptile Expo.

In the wild banded bullfrogs eat a lot of small insects such as hundreds of ants each day, but they aren’t particularly picky and banded bullfrogs will eat almost any small insect.

In the wild banded bullfrogs do well, some even claim that their population is increasing which is unusual for a frog these days. This is in spite of being collected for the pet trade and even as a food item.

Banded bullfrogs can be kept as pets, they are considered to be easy to care for and they appear to be commonly available in pet stores in North America.

In captivity chubby frogs can be fed crickets, flies and other small insects. If they do eat a lot of crickets chubby frogs can easily become fat. Chubby frogs also tend to be somewhat sedentary, kind of like a pacman frog and can live in a relative small space.

When bothered chubby frogs excrete a sticky substance to make themselves less appetizing — a bit like what tomato frogs do.

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Last updated: May 11, 2015

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