Mantella frog.
Mantella frog.

Golden Mantella Frog

Mantella frogs are tiny terrestrial frogs endemic to Madagascar.

Mantella frog.

A golden mantella frog (Mantella aurantiaca) exhibited in the Toronto Zoo as an example of a mantella frog.

Because of the destruction of their habitat which is already limited to certain areas of Madagascar all mantella frogs are endangered in the wild. The golden mantella frog is classified as critically endangered, and the species is in a real danger of going extinct in the wild.

Mantella frogs are beautiful little frogs, their coloration is a warning that they are highly toxic.

Some people do keep mantella frogs as pets. Because of their endangered status this is controversial. At this point golden mantella frogs should not be collected from the wild for the pet trade since they are really heading for extinction and their wild population cannot take any more losses.

On the other hand with proper care these living jewels can be bred in captivity. Golden mantella frogs already captive bred in the pet trade should be enough to supply enthusiasts without causing any further harm to the wild population. I am sure many environmentalists get mad just hearing such cynicism, but since the golden mantella frog’s natural habitat is being destroyed, a healthy breeding population in captivity at least means that the species will not be wiped out completely when we humans destroy their natural home.

Because of their rarity each individual mantella frog even in the pet trade should be considered something precious and only people who do have some experience with keeping frogs should consider a mantella frog as a pet, and care should be exercised to only acquire captive bred specimens.

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Last updated: April 27, 2015

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