Spotted Turtles.
Spotted Turtles.

Spotted Turtles

Spotted turtles are small semi-aquatic turtles from North America.

Spotted turtles.

Spotted turtles (Clemmys guttata), Toronto Zoo.

Spotted turtles are omnivorous and they eat aquatic plans as well as a variety of small animals that they can hunt down and eat in the water.

Spotted turtles in the wild live along the east coast of the United States as well as in Ontario and Quebec.

Spotted turtles can survive various unfavorable environmental conditions and they can live through too hold or too hot and dry weather.

Spotted turtles.

In the wild spotted turtles are vulnerable to habitat destruction as well as global warming which may adversely effect the sex ratio of newly hatched turtles.

Spotted turtles can be kept as pets and in fact will breed in captivity quite well which in fact has driven their price down in the pet trade as supply is abundant. As with any aquatic turtle adequate conditions with enough water to swim as well as dry land must be provided.

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