Snow leopards.

Snow Leopard

The snow leopard is a magnificent species of large cat from the cold mountain ranges of Central and South Asia.

Snow leopard.

Snow leopard (Panthera uncia), Szeged Zoo.

Snow leopards are well adapted to living at freezing temperatures, they even have fur on soles of their feet. Many zoos like to keep snow leopards, especially as part of an effort to preserve the species. While a lot of animals require heat and indoor enclosures, the difficulty in keeping snow leopards is usually that they want colder temperatures than the summer heat in most places.

Snow leopards.

As any large cat, snow leopards like to have some space to roam around, which is unfortunately not always provided.

Because they are beautiful and powerful animals, the image of snow leopards are often used in various emblems, logos and coats of arms. The snow leopard is also the national heritage animal of Pakistan.

Snow leopards.

Snow leopards frolicking in their large enclosure in the Veszprém Zoo.

Some people do keep snow leopards as pets, and because of some idiocy how these things are regulated it might very well require less paperwork than owning a dog in some jurisdictions. This does not require that you should go to your local pet store and get one. Even though it is possible, keeping snow leopards as pets is not recommended. As any large cat snow leopards need their roaming space so they are unlikely to be happy in a cage or sharing living space with humans. As wild animals, pet snow leopards can pose danger to their owners or anyone living nearby.

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