Male domestic turkey.

Domestic Turkey

Domestic turkeys are rather large birds kept as livestock particularly on the American continent but they are fairly common world wide.

Domestic turkey.

Domestic turkey (Meleagris gallopavo), Szeged Zoo.

Domestic turkeys are regarded by many people as the dumbest animals in the world, although some sources disagree and claim that this commonly held belief is not supported by scientific facts.

Male turkeys, just like peacocks show off their tail fans to attract females.

Male domestic turkey.

Male domestic turkey (Meleagris gallopavo), Szeged Zoo.

There are various breeds of domestic turkeys of different colors, the ones in the pictures above, judging from their color, are of the breed called the Bourbon red.

Americans love turkey meat, but turkeys are kept on other continents as well, for example the turkeys in the pictures above were part of a zoo exhibit showing farm animals kept in Hungary. Turkey meat is not quite as popular there as in North America because turkey meat is regarded as dry and lacking of taste. Interestingly the former seems to be what makes eating turkey attractive to Americans. That is, in the US low fat content is considered to be good and the taste of the meat, or rather the lack of it, is suppressed anyway because Americans eat their turkey with lots of cranberry sauce and gravy, especially at festive occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. The traditional way to prepare a turkey for a festive occasion in North America is to bake it whole in an oven. A turkey that still fits into an oven can be around 25 pounds — that is a lot of meat, even discounting the bones.

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