More ring billed gulls in the same parking lot.
More ring billed gulls in the same parking lot.

Ring Billed Gulls

Ring billed gulls are ubiquitous in Toronto.

A picture of gulls.

Ring billed gulls (Larus delawarensis) in a Toronto parking lot.

Although they are less annoying than the Canada Geese they can get underfoot when they invade parking lots in large numbers and search for garbage to eat.
Ring billed gulls are more timid than the geese and actually move away if you look like you are about to step on them when they cover every inch of the parking lot. Geese, on the other hand, tend to stand their ground and not move even if a car is about to hit them. Ring billed gulls make a lot of commotion and noise when they fight among each-other from scraps of food or whatever.

Young ring billed gull.

Young ring billed gulls don’t look like the fully grown adults.

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Last updated: July 19, 2014

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