A picture of a hammer coral frag.

New Coral Frags

It was coral cutting workshop again at the Marine Aquarium Society of Toronto. Since I have lost most of the livestock from my reef tank during the power blackouts I have picked up these cuttings to start restocking my tank.

Leather corals are hardy, I figured one will survive in my tank that is still recovering from the recent die off.

A picture of a leather coral frag.

A leather coral frag.

Hammer and torch corals are close relatives of the frogspawn coral, that was doing well in my tank prior to the power out. So I have decided to try these.

A picture of a hammer coral frag.

A hammer coral frag.

A picture of a torch coral frag.

A torch coral frag.

I did not really want to pick up anything else, but a bunch of gorgonian cuttings were lying there, so I have picked one up.

A picture of a gorgonian coral frag.

A gorgonian coral frag.

I did not mount these frags during the meeting. I prefer to glue them directly to a big piece of live rock where they supposed to sit, so I did that when I got home.
I have used super glue and some underwater epoxy (the kind that you knead together), and for the leather coral cuttings, I just used a rubber band to hold it to a rock.

Only time will tell if any of these will survive, for now they seem to be doing well.

Last updated: July 3, 2014

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